100 PCS Silicone Mask Ear Saver Elastic Mask Strap Extender

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Material: Food Grade Silicone Could be Sanitized by Boil Water(Temperature resistance in-40 °C to 250 °C). Soft, Comfortable, and Elastic.
Size: 150mm*17mm   With the Elastic Function, could fit most people.
Avoid Bacterial breeding:  Could prevent bacterial breeding. Safer than the foam or crochet Mask Strap Extender.
Adjustable: The mask extension buckle has 3 slots and can extend your mask strap length to about 2-4 inches.
Color:Black/White/light Green/Light Pink/Light Blue/ Light Orange/ Transparent  or Any Pantone Color(1,000 PCS).

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Food Grade Silicone Mask Ear Saver

You will feel uncomfortable after wearing a mask for a while because the mask strap will put pressure on the ear. Using a silicone Mask Ear Saver, you may solve this problem easily. After you wear it with your mask, you will know how helpful the small item.

Silicone Mask Ear Saver is very useful for people who have to wear earloop masks like 3- disposable Face Maks and KN95 Face Mask for a long time, especially for students, front-line workers, doctors, and nurses.ear saver for face masks

Compare with Mask Extenders Made of Other Material

Comparing to other mask strap extender, the silicone is much better.  The other popular mask ear savers are made of PP&PA extender and crochet extender. PP&PA mask holder ear saver is not soft, not elastic, and feels very low.

Crochet mask ear savers with many patterns are colorful and beautiful, but it is hard to clean and feel not healthful, what is more, the bacterial will breed easily.

Silicone Mask Extender is elastic and soft, could be sanitized by hot water, and used for a long time.

PP and Crochet material Mask Extender

Adjustable and Elastic Silicone Mask Strap Extender

The mask extender for ear relief has 3 slots, with the elastic function, it will be long enough to adjust the length of the hooks to make the masks loosen or tighten as you want.adjustable silicone mask strap exntender

Choose Any Pantone Colors For Mask Strap Extension Hook

If your order is above 1000 PCS per model, you may choose any Pantone color you want,  you may choose the color of your logo, then the mask extension hook meet your brand exposure.

Choose Pantone Color for Mask Extender

Additional information

Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 3 cm
silicone ear saver

Black, White, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Orange, Transparent