10 PCS Replacement KN95 Filters for Silicone Face Mask

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safe paymentFunction: 3-layers filters with KN95 certification to protect against dust and coronavirus.
Used on:  Silicone Face Mask With KN95 filter.

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Replacement KN95 Filters for Silicone Face Masks

The KN95 filters like your N95 mask, it can’t be washed. It is 3-layers with 2 layers of non-woven and a layer of melt-blown. The melt-blown layer is used to filtrate virus like coronavirus.  The KN95 filters are the same standard with the KN95 Face mask, which is the standard like FFP2 and N95.

The filters should be replaced when the internal color of filters changes from white to grey-black. Generally, We suggest you replace it in 7 days if you use 2-3 hours per day with light pollution. But if you use it in the heavy dust environment or risk area may infect coronavirus ,  you may need to replace it in 2-3 days. So the real using time is between 2-7 days depending on the environment.

silicone face mask filter replacement time

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