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Wholesale Neoprene Tote Bag Organizer

The Felt organizer is perfect for our large neoprene tote bags, medium size neoprene bag, and neoprene purse with inner zipper pockets. The Mesh organizer is a little small for these bags but still could work.

Felt Organizer Size:  L37 x H21 x 17 W (14.5″x 8.3″x 6.7″)

Mesh Organizer Size:  L35 x H20 x 16 W (13.7″x 7.9″x 6.3″)

neoprene bag with organizer insert

Features of Felt Neoprene Purse Organizer Insert

Bag Organizer

Our Neoprene tote bag is without pockets or just with one small pocket.  When you put many items into our large tote, they will be stacked and hard to find. With the 7 pockets of the purse organizer, It will be convenient to take out the exact item you need.

Bag Shaper

The neoprene material is soft, and our tote bag is large, so it looks not good if the items in the bag are few and much smaller than the bag. The felt handbag insert is lightweight but could support the bag and keep it in shape.

Bag Protector

The felt material is sturdy, it could protect the bag damaged by the sharp items. If some items may dirty your purse. with the felt organizer insert, you don’t need to wash the neoprene bag, just wash the durable cloth purse organizer, then your handbag could be used and keep new more time.

wholesale neoprene tote bag organizer


Please note these bag organizers are not suitable for our Neoprene Mini Tote. If you need organizer inserts for our mini tote, please order on the mini tote page.

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions37 × 21 × 17 cm

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