High-End Metal UV Sanitizer Wand Powerful Handheld UV Light Sterilizer for COVID

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safe paymentHigh-End Products: Most of the UV sanitizer wand are made of plastic and low-quality UV Light Bead. Our sole metal model is really high-end, and the UV light Bead is Long life and high powder.
 Made with Really Powerful UV Light. The power of our UV disinfection light is 3W(6 LEDs on the products) or 5W(10 LEDs on the products). The UVC light(275nm) is stronger than most products in the same power.
Lamp bead life: Continuous lighting for 10000 H
High Efficiency: Ultraviolet light sanitizer that can kill 99.9% of microorganisms to protect against coronavirus.
Portable For Home&Office&Travel -Portable Disinfection Wand made your life easier with a simple press and scan. Apply directly to the surface of the phone, towel, toilet, car, keyboard, toys, and more.
Charge: Powered with replaceable battery or rechargeable battery with USB socket
Certifications: CE and LVD & EMC

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UVC (200-275nm) band is also known as “short wave disinfection ultraviolet” band. UVC has a short wavelength and high energy, which can destroy the cellular molecular structure of original pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, etc. in a short time, destroy their DNA and RNA, and prevent their reproduction, thus achieve an efficient and rapid disinfectant effect.

The UV  germicidal lamp is widely used in office, home, and travel. Apply directly to the surface of phone, towel, toilet, refrigerator, toys, keyboard,  car, and more. Enjoy a healthier life with fewer germs and virus like covid.

uv sanitizer wand application

Disinfection Rate of UV Light Sanitizer Can Reach Up To 99.9%

LED ultraviolet light wavelength is 275nm, it is widely used to disinfect and purify the surface of objects, water, air etc. According to the test reports of Detection Center of Microbiology, our germicidal lamp can disinfect escherichia, staphylococcus aureus, candida Albicans etc.with disinfection rate as high as 99.99%; For common muscadine such as aspergillus niger, etc., the disinfection rate is above 45%. For mite, the disinfection rate is 100%.disinfection rate of uv light wand

UV Sanitizer Wand with Replaceable Battery

uv sanitizer wand with replaceable battery

UV Wand Sterilizer With Rechargeable Battery

uv wand sterilizer with rechargeable battery

Dimensions of UV Hand Sanitizer

dimension of uv hand sanitizer

Suggestion Disinfection Time for UV Wand Sterilizer

The Maximum distance is 30mm from the surface is recommended to complete the disinfection process. Gently sweep back and force 5-6 times at a
time. Most bacteria are killed within 10 to 20 seconds. For better bactericidal ensure that 100% of the bacteria are killed. we recommand to use 20-40s
each time.

disinfection time for UV wand sterilizer

Safety Warnings:

In order to ensure the perfect quality of the product and safe usage, please kindly follow the instructions:

1. Before opening the package, please check if there’s damage or defect during transportation, if damage occurs, please don’t use it and inform your supplier immediately.

2. Strong ultraviolet light is harmful to people’s skin and eyes. When the ultraviolet light is on, people, animals, plants, and other creatures are forbidden to be on site.

3. Protect children from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

4. Please take your pets away when disinfect the pet house to avoid potential damage.

5. Keep clean of the lamp. Please turn off the UV sanitizer wand before cleaning if there is any dust or contamination. Wipe the lamp with a soft cloth, be sure not to use any sandpaper, polishing powder or alcohol, gasoline and so on liquor.

6. Long-term use of UV wand sterilize will cause the object to fade, calligraphy and painting and other valuables, please properly keep and protect.  For example, cover with a cloth or remove any painting or plants during disinfection.

7. Make sure electrical power is OFF before and during installation and maintenance.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions25 × 3 × 3 cm
pattern-UV Wand

3W Replacement Battery, 3W Rechargeable Battery, 5W Replacement Battery, 5W Rechargeable Battery

2 reviews for High-End Metal UV Sanitizer Wand Powerful Handheld UV Light Sterilizer for COVID

  1. Mudji Versteeg

    I have used it to protect my family for several weeks. The wavelength is 275nm, which could make the disinfection rate up to 99.9%,and kill H1N1,covid19 easily. When we go out for trip, the handheld wand is really helpful.

  2. Rhett Micheletti

    Fast delivery by DHL. The metal material looks like high quality although it is a little heavy, about 0.2KG. After comparing the intensity of UV light with other products, I believe I have made the right choice.

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