Silicone Wristband Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Refillable Bottle

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Material: Silicone Could be Sanitized by Boil Water(-40 °C to 250 °C). Reusable, Soft, and Comfortable.
Adjustable:  With the 10 holes and good Elasticity, the mask extender could fit most people.
Color:Black/Red//Blue/Pink/ Purple/Yellow/Green  In stock.

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Silicone Wristband Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Wristband hand sanitizer dispenser is made of food-grade silicone.  It is worn on the wrist and can be loaded with a small amount of sunscreen, Emulsions, Liquid soap,  hand sanitizer, or other liquids.

When you go to hotel, outdoor, office, restaurant, or other places, you may wear a lightweight and comfortable wristband, then you could disinfect your hands anytime and anywhere to prevent viruses.

Wristband hand sanitizer dispenser is widely used by students, children, adolescents, middle-aged and elderly people. Especially for people who travel, work in healthcare, service industry, and children in school to wash their hands anytime, anywhere.application for wristband sanitizer

Features of Silicone Hand Sanitizer Wristband

One Size Fits Kids&Adults: The strap design with 10 adjustable slots makes one size fits for boys and girls, men and women.  Kids can use it for back to school, vacations, and trips to the store; Adults can use it in the office, shopping, and anywhere washing hands.

Portable:  Strap it around your wrist or clip it to your backpack and dispense a small amount of hand sanitizer gel when you need , you can wash your hands anytime, anywhere.

Multi-Function Silicone Material: Made of food-grade silicone material, safe to the skin, reusable, waterproof,  and comfortable.  The surface is smooth, and the shape not easy to change after use for a long time.

Versatile Usage: Silicone hand sanitizer wristband not only used with hand sanitizer,  but it also could hold sunscreen,  creams, mosquito repellent, or other disinfection liquids.

Easy to Use: Fill the liquid or gel into the 30ML refillable bottle by the cap of it.  Then fill the empty wristband with hand Sanitizer or other gel by the bottle. Open the plug of the wristband and squeeze the liquid comes out when you need it.

features of hand sanitizer wristband

Instructions for Wristband Hand Dispenser

Step 1: Pour the hand sanitizer or other liquids into the bottle by the cap of it first. Then point the needle at the inlet and outlet hole. Squeeze the liquid into the wristband.

Step 2: Buckle the plug, then adjust and Wear the silicone bracelet on your wrist.

Step 3:  When you need to use, open the plug, and put the palm of your hand under the silicone bracelet dispenser. Use your thumb to squeeze the surface to dispense about 1 ML hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand. Buckle the plug again.

Step 4: Rub your hands together to apply the hand sanitizer to all parts of your hands and fingers, as well to your wrists.

usage for sanitizer wristband


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Weight0.045 kg
Dimensions35 × 10 × 7 cm
Wristband Sanitizer

Black, Red, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green


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