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Here are a few questions we're commonly asked, together with our answers. If you have a different question, please contact us . We'd like to respond.
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3. What is toner cartridge seal and how to assemble?

The toner cartridge seal is, in the preferred embodiment, integral with a tail. The tail folds back over the seal and extends outside of the cartridge. Upon arrival at its intended destination the end user pulls the tail removing the removable seal and exposing the toner in the toner hopper to the remainder of the toner cartridge. The invention is usable in both new and rebuilt or remanufactured toner cartridges.
A Toner Cartridge Seal Assembly including a gasket, a handle integral with a gasket, and a removable seal lying over the gasket. The handle which is integral with the gasket is in, one embodiment, removable by detaching the handle from the remainder of the gasket along a series of perforations. Alternatively, in another embodiment the handle may be folded over the gasket after the seal assembly is attached to the toner cartridge. The Toner Cartridge Seal Assembly of this invention is used to contain toner in a toner hopper during the transport of a toner cartridge.


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